Brand Identity & Product Design

Brand Identity / UI Design / Creative Direction


Vizbee makes the smart phones, smart speakers and smart TV's in our living rooms together behave as ONE device. Video publishers can leverage the best capabilities across these devices to deliver unified user experiences.


Vizbeeā€™s mobile-to-TV platform is an SDK cloud service that integrates with third-party video content applications.


Mobile-to-TV deep-linking technology linking is a huge benefit to the Vizbee customers, converting short duration mobile viewing to 10X longer viewing on big screen TVs. Deep-linking allows a viewer to seamlessly stream video content with a single tap on their social posts or mobile notifications and messages, directly to their streaming device or smart TV of choice.


The first step with the UI was to design the best possible interface for the most utilized key screens of the SDK that would seamlessly fit into the different customer apps. We rigorously iterated with informal design sprints, settling on a direction and re-working the details as new parameters were set by the product team and engineers. 

The Vizbee brand is not used in their customer's UI. It becomes a white label brand, able to fit seamlessly within any third party application, creating a unified experience for users. By taking advantage of micro-interactions, we were able to highlight the Vizbee mark in particular instances that made sense within the user journey.


By creating a flexible design system, customers can deploy the default SDK as a light or dark theme that any TV network application can customize to their brand, simply by adjusting primary, secondary or tertiary color variables within the code. There is also an option to create an entirely custom theme for an even more tailored look.


Agency: Tank / In-house with Vizbee product & engineering team
Design and Creative Direction: Justin Hattingh
UX: Catalin Lazia
Product and Development Team: Vizbee