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Research / Strategy / Creative Direction / UI Design / UX Design / Iconography


Over the course of 4 years, I partnered with and helped lead teams of visual designers, UX designers, and developers through multiple product design evolutions for Symantec SMB products.


Advanced Threat Protection Gateway (2014)

Advanced Threat Protection Gateway is a first of its kind for Symantec. ATPG is designed to protect companies against targeted attacks by recognizing threat trends and leveraging Symantec’s unprecedented scope of global visibility. 

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We began defining the product through work sessions with the Symantec engineering team,  focusing on user tasks and personas. Mapping these task to a flow architecture helped us determine if there were any gaps in the tasks that we needed to accommodate for. We tested our hypotheses via contextual observations with IT professionals before moving into design.



At the design phase, we leveraged our set of design principles created from the worksession to drive the vision for the UI. Tying experience analogies like “Audi R8” or “MRI” helped the Symantec team share our vision for articulating how the interface would look and behave. The resulting months of collaboration between the Symantec team and the agency UX and Visual teams was an exceptional product experience that truly kept the focus on the end-user.


Symantec 360 for Business (2012)

The first design iteration of a cloud-managed service designed to keep SMB’s safe against malware and viruses, as well as providing backup, all with a simple and easy use setup wizard. The goal of the redesign was to create a design system that would dissolve the inconsistent, fragmented experience and ensure customers had a simple, consistent, and coherent experience when they interact with Symantec services and products, no matter which or how many products they choose.

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0002_Layer Comp 3.jpg (2012)

A redesign of the Messagelabs website, helping transition Messagelabs into the Symantec family. In addition, we redesigned the identities and icons for the Messagelabs line of products. These products provide a range of managed security services to protect and control email, web, instant message communications and backup, and proved to be the perfect fit within the newly launched platform.

symantec copy.png (2011)

Today’s consumer has expectations: they are busy, and demand faster technology that makes life easier. These challenges relate to managing, securing and controlling personal online information. Norton set out out to create an online security app to protect all the endpoints in a truly connected home, with a cross-device presence.


Agency: Tank
Creative Direction: Justin Hattingh, David Weik, David Warren
Design: Stuart Cannon, Justin Hattingh, John Hemminger, Juliana Press
UX: Jen Dadagian, Cara Guappone, Justin Hattingh
Developer: Jared Circosta, Niraj Shah
Account Management: Karalyn Klepper, Kate Turcotte