Elevate by Design

Web Design / Creative Direction / UI Design


Connecting customers to the best in style in a dynamic personalized, intelligently interconnected digital experience that reorganizes content based on style needs, preferences, and aspirations. 



The challenge was to make shopping a more personal and intuitive experience by delivering more compelling and relevant content to help fulfill the ALDO brand promise. There’s no more natural and lasting way to connect the best in style with the best in ALDO customers than through the digital channels they already love: their social networks, image-sharing apps, mobile devices, and the stores.

We focused on the hub of all ALDO activity — the .com. This is where the Style Seeker’s drive for style meets the Style Authority heart. It’s a merging of their favorite style sources and ALDO in-the-know style guidance.



By building a smart, dynamic system that learns and responds to their preferences, ALDO can be the style authority that connects style seekers with the inspiration to reach their style potential. Style seekers are served a collection of products and style inspiration sourced from their favorite people, media, and brands.

Customers can create a profile that helps ALDO connect the best in style with the best in their customers. Shoppers select the people, brands, and media that inspires them, then ALDO delivers content, insights, and product suggestions to match. By creating an intuitive style profile by selecting visual points of inspiration and eclectic personal characteristics, their profiles get smarter as they navigate the site.


Agency: VSA Partners
Executive Creative Director: Adam Berninger
Creative Direction: Wai Fong & Justin Hattingh
Design: Nolan Cabeje, Chiu Ping Chiu, Wai Fong, Justin Hattingh